Mission, Vision & Values


Link Oregon’s mission is to serve Oregon’s public and non-profit sectors by i) operating an advanced statewide broadband network that is resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable and ii) fostering innovation and collaboration through forward-looking technology leadership. 


By providing enhanced networking capabilities, Link Oregon seeks to ensure that all Oregonians have access to essential digital resources for learning, working, and engaging in society, and to build the foundation for Oregon’s future prosperity.

Organizational Values

Link Oregon fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual support. Link Oregon staff can rely on each other, and our members can rely on us. We operate with 360-Degree Respect:

  • We treat our staff, members, colleagues, and vendors with kindness and respect.
  • We value and welcome diversity of thought, experience, and perspective.
  • We strive for open and respectful communication; we assume positive intent.

Our people are our greatest strength and asset. Link Oregon supports our team members’ professional development and personal growth.

We operate for the public good, in our members’ best interests, and are responsible stewards of public resources. Our services are focused on supporting our members and building long-term relationships.

Our people, like our network, are resilient, unique, and innovative. We embrace change and operate with agility.

We strive to be good citizens on the Internet. We operate in a transparent manner and support the development of an open network supporting the missions and aspirations of our members. This includes upholding best practices for Internet routing and security (such as MANRS compliance), maintaining an open peering policy, and using provider-neutral facilities wherever possible.