A photo illustration of a global telecommunication network with nodes connected around Earth.

Premium Internet Transit Service

Oregon’s public and non-profit sectors rely on fast, secure Internet access for their daily business operations, and to communicate and collaborate with their regional, national and even global partners. Many of these organizations rely on cloud platforms to host or build custom business applications and cloud-based applications for collaboration and communication.

Our Premium Internet Transit Service offers quick, scalable and secure connections to the public Internet and the Cloud. As Oregon’s Research & Education Network (REN), we are more than just a commodity service provider for Internet connectivity. Our non-profit business model combined with our deep relationships across Oregon’s public sector spanning policy, government, non-profits and academia help us serve as true broadband technology partners and advisors to our member institutions.

Fast, Scalable Access to

Public Internet

Extensive Peerings for

Cloud Connectivity

Direct Connections for

Member-to-Member Collaborations

High-Speed, Resilient Broadband & Cloud Connectivity

Our Premium Internet Transit Service delivers exceptional carrier-grade connectivity that can scale up to 100Gbps , tapping the 2500+ miles of fiber we control across the state of Oregon as well as a network of local/regional/national peering relationships.

All Link Oregon Tier One POPs have diverse 100G connections to Internet peering points on the network. These peering points are located across the state to improve service resiliency.

Private IP network connections to major cloud infrastructure services such as Microsoft’s Azure Express Route, Amazon Direct Connect, Google Cloud Interconnect and Oracle FastConnect are supported via our peering with the Internet2 Cloud Connect (I2CC) service. 

Read more about our cloud connectivity.

Multiple Peering Relationships

We peer with several leading Internet Exchanges (NWAX, COIX, WIX, SIX) in the Pacific Northwest as well as the Internet2 I2PX providing you fast access to the commercial Internet. These Exchanges provide our member institutions a more direct path for their data transit as well as rerouting via alternative paths, thereby reducing the distance data needs to travel for improved latency as well as improved fault tolerance.

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Secure Transit with 24x7x365 Support

Our network has detection and mitigation capabilities for DDoS attacks, including volumetric and protocol-based threats. Our service is also Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) compliant and adheres to best practices for improving the resilience and security of Internet infrastructure.

Member-to-Member Direct Connectivity

Our Transit service can establish a common connection for two or more of our members to send/receive traffic to one another. Member-to-member traffic does not leave the Link Oregon network, enabling more secure collaborations.

Direct Connectivity to Regional and National RENs

We connect directly to leading regional and national education networks (RENs), including Internet2, Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP), and Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC), giving our member institutions “one hop” access to hundreds of national/global organizations connected to these RENs.

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Service Features At-A-Glance

Flexible cloud connectivity

  • Public network connection via extensive peerings with cloud providers via Internet2 1 I2PX and internet exchanges NWAX and SeattleIX.  Ideal for public cloud workloads.
  • Private direct connections via Internet 2 Cloud Connect (I2CC) to AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Partner Interconnect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, and Oracle FastConnect. Ideal for hybrid cloud environments and extending on-prem infrastructure to the cloud.

Security monitoring & mitigation

  • Support for DDoS – automatic and non-automatic
  • Protect against volumetric and protocol-based attacks

Direct connectivity to other RENs

  • CENIC, PNWGP, IRON, Internet2
  • Speeds up to 200 Gpbs to connect to Internet2

Last mile connectivity

  • Partnerships with leading local and national ISP including Lumen/CenturyLink, Comcast, Charter, LS Networks, Pioneer, TDS, Hunter, Windwave and more

High-speed, scalable bandwidth

to support efficient data transit and performance today while reserving the option for future bandwidth demand

  • Line Rates: 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 25Gbps, 40Gbps, 50Gbps, and 100Gbps (400G to come)
  • Support for static/dynamic routing
  • Support for ipv4/ipv6 addresses

24 x 7 x 365 NOC support

for round-the-clock service assurance

  • Priority issue resolution
  • 24x7x365 Tier 1 NOC support/triage
  • Tier 2/Tier 3 support with Link Oregon
  • 24x7x365 field operations supports break-fix, maintenance, and network improvements 
  • Statewide spare parts depots enable faster response and repair
  • Network monitoring, flow analysis, and reporting tools ensure timely problem detection (see the member dashboard and interactive network map)


to protect from data loss, business downtime

  • Multiple routers at each POP
  • Multiple POPs in select cities
  • Disaster recovery
  • Preferential pricing for backup circuits
  • MPLS-enabled failover capability to protect from data loss from fiber cuts
  • Bonded connections on a single router

Open access network

for non-discriminatory access

  • Committed to principles of open Internet/net neutrality
  • No data throttling or traffic prioritization