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Broadband Connectivity for

Oregon’s Public Health Institutions

High-speed, high-bandwidth and secure broadband connectivity is essential for many digital and cloud-based technologies that are transforming healthcare in the post-COVID era.

Telehealth services have the potential to bridge healthcare inequities for Oregon’s most vulnerable populations, especially rural, veteran and tribal communities.

Whether you’re looking for fast, reliable Internet services or planning to connect multiple, distributed satellite medical clinics to your main hospital headquarters or run your healthcare business applications on popular cloud infrastructure platforms, Link Oregon’s fiber optic broadband services deliver the resilient, secure and scalable high-speed connectivity modern public healthcare organizations can rely on.

“With a presence in each of Oregon’s 36 counties, OHSU relies on Link Oregon’s fiber optic network to connect our remote sites outside the Portland metro area. This has enabled us to seamlessly scale our telehealth services across the state. Link Oregon provides a range of services to OHSU (including Internet transit, ethernet transport, data center interconnect) and also provides a critical redundant link between OHSU’s primary and secondary data centers. As a founding member of Link Oregon, we have leveraged our deep partnership to develop new services, new fiber routes, and new collaborations. These collaborations extend to the areas of research computing and cybersecurity.”

– Kuli Mavuwa, Vice President & Chief Technology, Security, and Privacy Officer

Member-Centric Engagement Model

As the Research and Education Network (REN) for Oregon’s public and non-profit sectors, we operate on a member-centric model that is uniquely differentiated from other commercial, for-profit service providers. With Oregon’s premier research hospital – Oregon Health & Science University – as one of our founding members, we understand the unique demands of Healthcare IT and are committed to helping organizations use our broadband services to bridge inequities in healthcare access across Oregon.

State-of-the-art Broadband Services

Our fiber optical broadband services for Ethernet Transport and Premium Internet Transit are based on advanced networking technologies and standards. Whether your hospital or clinic is looking to directly and safely connect to other branch offices via our Transport Service or provide your medical and support staff with high-bandwidth Internet access, we deliver the resilience, security, scalability and bandwidth speeds to meet your demands today while giving you the assurance of seamless scaling in the future.

Single-hop Cloud Connections for Healthcare IT

IT staff at Oregon’s public hospitals and clinics will benefit from fast on-ramps to leading cloud infrastructure platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud) – including private direct connections – via the Internet2 Cloud Connect Service.


Healthcare institutions are prime targets for increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks, posing significant threats – from malicious malware to blocking of access to critical patient services and data. Our Premium Internet Transit Service includes DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities for both protocol-based and volumetric attacks, averting threats so data traffic is protected, and critical patient services can run uninterrupted. Members are proactively kept informed of status until the issue is resolved.

Connections to Major Internet Exchanges

Fast and efficient data transit is critical for broadband services in healthcare environments because of the sheer volume of data traffic. Efficiency and scalability are key requirements. Link Oregon’s network peers with several local/regional/national Internet Exchanges, creating the most efficient and secure data routes with high availability for your institution’s data traffic. Whether it’s exchange of patient medical records with another provider, medical teleconferences, or telehealth services for patients living in rural/frontier areas of Oregon, our network of peering relationships delivers efficient data transit and redundancy to keep your organization securely and reliably connected at all times.

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