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Cloud Connectivity

Link Oregon offers broadband services and a network of peering relationships that support our member institutions’ unique cloud strategies – from public network connections to leading cloud-based content destinations and business applications to private direct on-ramps to leading cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle.

Many public sector and non-profit institutions across the state of Oregon rely on cloud  connectivity to run their business operations. Some use cloud infrastructure as an extension of their on-premise datacenters while others require fast, secure access to modern cloud-based business applications and content services. Whether you are a CIO leading your organization’s initiatives to use cloud infrastructure platforms for storage or to build apps, or a team of researchers at a university using the cloud instances for HPC and AI projects, or students using cloud-based collaboration tools across distributed campuses at Oregon’s learning institutions, having a “cloud-ready”, highly scalable network is essential for modern business environments.

Fast, Scalable Access to Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Oracle Cloud

Why Work with Link Oregon

Connections to the Cloud

Link Oregon has two ways of connecting to Cloud providers:

  • Public network connection via extensive peerings with cloud providers via and Internet exchanges NWAX and SeattleIX. Internet2 I2PX is available in Portland, OR and Boise, ID.
  • Private network connection using Internet2 Cloud Connect (I2CC) service. Internet2 I2CC is also available in Portland, OR and Boise, ID. This includes cloud services such as Microsoft ExpressRoute and Amazon Direct Connect.

We directly peer with the following leading cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms:

  • Amazon AWS and GovCloud at 100G via Internet2, CENIC, and direct peering.
  • Google Cloud at 100G via Internet2, CENIC, and direct peering.
  • Microsoft Azure at 100G via Internet2, CENIC, and direct peering.
  • Oracle Cloud at 100G via Internet2 ; CENIC 2
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Private Cloud Connections

Link Oregon supports private cloud connections using Internet 2 Cloud Connect (I2CC) for members who want to use a private IP connection to the cloud provider to connect to cloud services such as Azure ExpressRoute, Amazon Direct Connect, Google Cloud Interconnect and Oracle FastConnect.  Both Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections are available. These dedicated connections offer direct physical connections between your on-premises network and the cloud provider’s network, creating a low latency, high availability network that bypasses the public internet for fast transfer of data.

Connections to Leading Cloud Content Networks & Cloud-based Applications

Through our peering with Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX), our members benefit from high performance, low latency, and efficient (1 hop) access to some of the top content destinations in the world including: Google, Zoom, Netflix, and other commercial content providers. The service supports IPv4 and IPv6.

Contact us for a full list of supported destinations.