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Broadband Connectivity for

Oregon’s Higher Ed Institutions

Link Oregon is proud to serve all public four-year universities in Oregon. Our founding members include the state’s largest universities – Oregon State University (OSU), Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU), Portland State University (PSU) and the University of Oregon (UoO).

From secure campus-to-campus connectivity to Internet access to cloud connectivity, our high-speed, resilient fiber optic network services deliver the performance, security and scalability to support the speed and bandwidth demands of advanced scientific innovation at these research institutions.

Link Oregon also offers these services to many of Oregon’s community colleges, who are a vital part of our state’s higher ed ecosystem and serve as launch pads for many students aspiring to gain valuable vocational training and trade skills or build a pathway to a four-year degree.

“As a leading research university in Oregon, we value our relationship with Link Oregon for more than the exceptional broadband connectivity and technical support they offer our campuses. As a Research & Education Network (REN), Link Oregon occupies a unique place in the Oregon innovation ecosystem, acting as a convener and facilitator of key initiatives across the state’s public universities. The team is passionate about its mission to advance high-speed broadband infrastructure for scientific research and innovation, and I am particularly excited about partnering with them (and other university researchers and networking leaders across our state) to build the future of supercomputing-enabled research in Oregon.”

– Christy Long, Associate CIO for Technology Infrastructure, University of Oregon

Member-Centric Engagement Model

As a non-profit entity, Link Oregon operates with a member-focused philosophy in the delivery of its broadband services that enables higher touch engagements than commercial, for-profit service providers. With our proven experience serving as the primary ISP for Oregon’s four largest research universities (PSU, OSU, OHSU and UofO) and also managing their internal Wide Area Networks (WANs), we understand the connectivity needs of higher ed institutions in Oregon and are committed to expand broadband access to advance digital equity and innovation at these institutions.

State-of-the-art Broadband Services

Our core services for Ethernet Transport and Internet Transit are based on advanced networking technologies and standards. Whether your IT department wants to directly connect geographically dispersed campuses or enable fast Internet access for your students/faculty/ staff, we deliver the high-speed speed, security and resilience to meet your connectivity requirements today with highly scalable infrastructure to accommodate future demand.

Peering with Local, Regional, and National Networks

Our peering relationships with leading regional and national Internet exchanges minimize the distance your data travels in transit, lowering  the threat footprint while also delivering the speed of access to popular online content destinations and cloud-based SaaS applications such as Twitch, Dropbox, Salesforce, Fastly, Netflix and many more.

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Single-hop Cloud Connections

We peer with Internet2, the nation’s largest Research & Education Network (REN), offering one-stop connections through them to leading cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle. Private cloud connections to these platforms are also available via the Internet2 Cloud Connect Service.


Higher Ed institutions are one of the prime targets for increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks by malicious actors seeking maximum population impact from disruption of services. The risks and threat footprints have expanded as many institutions have scaled their online learning offerings since the pandemic. Our Premium Internet Transit Service includes DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities for both volumetric and protocol-based attacks, averting threats so data traffic is protected, and services can run uninterrupted for students/faculty/staff. Member institutions are proactively kept informed of status of DDoS mitigation until the issue is resolved.

Direct Connections to Oregon’s Largest Public Universities/other regional REN Members

We offer direct member-to-member network connections to access our state’s large public universities online – Portland State University, Oregon State University, as well as University of Oregon – helping foster a vibrant collaborative ecosystem of higher ed research and learning across Oregon. Our peering with other national Research & Education Networks  (RENs) such as CENIC, Internet2, IRON and NWGP provides even broader, single hop connections to the many national (even global) universities and research organizations.

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