Link Oregon is now offering IPv6 addresses to our customers. Below are items to consider as you make your request.

Default customer allocations are /48
A /48 allocation allows for 65k subnets and is currently recommend for most organizations. Please contact us to discuss larger or smaller IPv6 allocations.

Prefixes are Provider Allocated by Link Oregon
If you are multihoming via BGP or plan to multihome you need to request Provider Independent addresses directly from ARIN. Link Oregon allocated addresses must be returned to Link Oregon if you change service providers. Different providers are not allowed to advertise Link Oregon IPv4 or IPv6 allocated addresses via BGP.

Technical and Abuse points of contact are required
ARIN requires Link Oregon to register allocations for abuse and utilization purposes.

IPv6 Learning Resources

A single /64 subnet has 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 usable host addresses.

A /48 network has 65,536 /64 subnets. The same amount of total IPv4 addresses available in a /16 Class B.

IPv6 Subnet Chart


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