External Routing (BGP)

This page describes elements of Link Oregon’s external routing policy as implemented through the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).


Link Oregon is present at the Northwest Access Exchange (NWAX), Central Oregon Internet Exchange (COIX), Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), Willamette Internet Exchange (WIX), Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX), CENIC and Idaho Regional Optical Network (IRON).  We have a selective peering policy; please refer to PeeringDB. Inquiries should be sent to peering@linkoregon.org.

Looking Glass

Partners can use the Link Oregon looking glass to learn about routes to other networks and whether traffic to that network will count as Transit. There are also looking glasses from other network providers partners can use to examine prefixes and routes:

BGP Communities

Link Oregon uses BGP Communities to both describe routes learned from other networks and to influence traffic. Partners can use these communities to develop their BGP policy with Link Oregon. Please contact the NOC if you have any questions.

Link Oregon Internet Cloud Services (LOICS) Documentation

Link Oregon Internet Cloud Services Traffic Engineering

Link Oregon Research & Education Network (LOREN) Documentation

Link Oregon Research & Education Network Traffic Engineering

Location Communities for LOICS and LOREN


Access original Google Spreadsheet.

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Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) is an initiative to greatly improve the security and resilience of the Internet’s global routing system. MANRS-compliant network operators such as Link Oregon demonstrate a commitment to improving security and developing a culture of collective responsibility by implementing well-established industry best practices and technological solutions that can address the most common threats. Learn more at https://www.manrs.org/netops/.