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Broadband Connectivity for

Oregon’s Local/State Government

High-speed broadband sits at the heart of modern government operations – from paperless, cloud-based workflows at local DMV offices in Oregon’s cities to 911 emergency services to virtual city hall meetings.

High-speed and resilient broadband connectivity ensures that Oregon’s local and state government institutions serve their citizens efficiently.

Link Oregon is proud to have the Enterprise Information Systems of the State of Oregon as one of its founding members and the CIO of Oregon on our Board of Directors.  

Our members include several of Oregon’s cities and counties – including the City of Eugene, City of Corvallis, Benton county and Umatilla county – who rely on our broadband services.

“Reliable Internet services are extremely critical to serve the needs of our constituents in Benton County — from law enforcement to a range of community development, public health and public works projects.  We use 100 Mbps redundant L3 Transit broadband services provided by Link Oregon and value their willingness to work with us promptly, no matter how mundane or complex the issue, with their knowledgeable staff. Support tickets are answered/fixed in minutes. It’s this high-touch support for a commodity but critical service such as Internet access that we value in our working relationship with them.” 

– Ryan Montague, Network Administrator, Benton Country, Oregon

Member-focused Service Model

As a non-profit, we bring a unique member-centric engagement model to Oregon’s public sector governments and non-profits that fundamentally differentiates us from for-profit commercial service providers. We foster close and trusted relationships with government decision makers and legislators, advocating for what is right for unserved/underserved populations of Oregon. Our advocacy work for affordable broadband for the public sector in Oregon has included legislative wins such as the Broadband Bill HB 3201, which sought to bring Oregon statute into alignment with eligibility requirements to receive millions in federal broadband funding and HB2049 which funded the establishment of the Oregon Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

State-of-the-art Broadband Services

Our fiber optical broadband services for Ethernet Transport and Internet Transit are based on advanced networking technologies and standards. With more county/city/state Government offices embracing digital transformation IT practices, high-speed state-of-the-art broadband connectivity is essential for operational efficiency in Government. Whether it’s local fire departments, county-level 911 services, city halls or DMV offices, our secure and robust broadband services deliver the speed, resilience and scalability for local/state government entities to be responsive and efficient while serving their communities.   

We peer with several Internet Exchanges in Oregon (NWAX, WIX, COIX) in addition to peering with a leading exchange in the Pacific Northwest (SIX). Our member institutions benefit from improved network performance and reduced latency with fewer router hops to the destination as well as improved fault tolerance from path diversification.

Peering with Local, Regional, and National Networks

Our peering relationships with leading regional and national Internet exchanges minimize the distance your data travels in transit, lowering  the threat footprint while also delivering the speed of access to popular online content destinations and cloud-based SaaS applications such as Twitch, Dropbox, Salesforce, Fastly, and many more.

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Single-hop Cloud Connections for GovIT

Modern Government relies on cloud connectivity to serve its constituents efficiently. Whether it’s staff in government offices accessing cloud-based business applications such as Dropbox and Salesforce or Government IT staff looking to extend their on-premise infrastructure to leading cloud infrastructure platforms from AWS, Google, Microsoft and Oracle, our broadband services deliver fast, secure and reliable on-ramps to cloud. We also offer our members private cloud connections to these platforms with geographically diverse connection points via the Internet2 Cloud Connect (I2CC) service.


DDoS attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated, posing significant threats to Government offices can result in downtime, data vulnerabilities, loss of productivity, and in the worst scenarios, even severe reputation harm resulting in loss of civic trust in our democratic institutions. Our Premium Internet Transit Service includes DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities for both volumetric and protocol-based attacks, averting threats so services can run uninterrupted. Members are proactively kept informed of status until the issue is resolved.