Link Oregon has a BGP looking glass available for customers to check for routing information. The BGP technical page documents peering policy and BGP communities we use.


Link Oregon provides IPv6 connectivity. Please refer to IPv6 for requesting IPv6 address space and connectivity.


Link Oregon maintains several resources for network measurement and speedtests. Please see our Performance page for more information.

What is Transit?

A frequent question from Link Oregon partners is what does and does not count as Transit. At a high level, any traffic that uses a commodity Internet point of entry is considered Transit. This means that any traffic that goes to other Link Oregon partners or to networks that Link Oregon peers with does not count as Transit. Link Oregon peers with other networks at the NWAX and SeattleIX Internet Exchange points. In addition, Link Oregon peers with CENIC and Internet2‘s Research & Education and Commercial Peering Service networks. This means that many cloud providers, content delivery networks, and other large content providers are available through a network path that avoids commodity Internet entry points and does not count as Transit.

Partners can use the Link Oregon Looking Glass to determine if traffic to/from a network counts as Transit. Partners can also reach out to the NOC with any questions.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Link Oregon uses the IP Precedence bit to mark “transit” traffic; in DSCP, this is CS1. There is no other QoS used inside the core. At the customer’s request, we may configure QoS on their last-mile transport to specifically support voice and video applications.

The following Differentiated Services Code Points (DSCP) chart may be of interest for those investigating QoS.

Differentiated Services Code Points (DSCP)


The following perf-nodes within Link Oregon provide customers with the option to perform a ping or traceroute from Link Oregon’s network to remote locations. These are provided as-is and Link Oregon reserves the option to limit where they are accessible from to limit abuse. Please contact the Link Oregon NOC if you have any questions.

Bendping ∙ traceroute
Corvallisping ∙ traceroute
Eugeneping ∙ traceroute
Hermistonping ∙ traceroute
Klamath Fallsping ∙ traceroute
La Grandeping ∙ traceroute
Medfordping ∙ traceroute
Ontarioping ∙ traceroute
Pendletonping ∙ traceroute
Portlandping ∙ traceroute
Salemping ∙ traceroute

Looking Glass

The following is a list of internal and external looking glasses that are available for users.