Technical Information


The BGP technical page documents peering policy and BGP communities we use.


Link Oregon provides IPv6 connectivity. Please refer to IPv6 for requesting IPv6 address space and connectivity.


Link Oregon maintains several resources for network measurement and speedtests. Please see our Performance page for more information.

Network Map

Click the map below to visit our interactive network map.

A map showing the Link Oregon network paths in Oregon and Idaho. The image links to an interactive map.

Member Dashboard

Members can view their traffic utilization graphs here: Member Dashboard.

Our Peering Partners

Link Oregon peers with other networks at the NWAX and SeattleIX Internet Exchange points. In addition, Link Oregon peers with CENIC and Internet2‘s Research & Education and Peering Exchange networks. Partners can reach out to the NOC with any questions.

Looking Glass

The following is a list of internal and external looking glasses that are available for users.