Link Oregon’s Response to COVID-19

Link Oregon continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and remains vigilant in protecting our employees, members, and partners. Our thoughts go out to those affected directly.

In response to this evolving situation, the Link Oregon team continues to: 

  • Stay engaged with our member community, vendor partners, government contacts, Tribal contacts, and affiliates to ensure clear communication and uninterrupted service
  • Stand ready to assist with member network performance issues and service requests and assist members in updating their IT environments to meet changing business needs
  • Track our member networks’ traffic. (You can follow real-time traffic on member networks)
  • Evaluate the efficacy of professional travel and respond in a manner that keeps our staff, our members, and our partners safe
  • Work remotely and meet regularly online to continue our efforts to improve our network throughput and resiliency and add capacity

We are closely following: 

  • Guidelines set out by recognized local, national, and global public health organizations and authorities (see the column on the right for links)
  • Protocols established by our founding entities: OHSU, Oregon State University, Portland State University, University of Oregon, and the State of Oregon Enterprise Information Services (EIS)
  • Guidance of peer research and education networks.

Please contact us for assistance at or call us at 541-346-6376.