The FASTER INTERNET OREGON speed test campaign is a statewide broadband mapping effort to gather home Internet speeds from Oregon residents who have Internet service at home or learn which homes don’t have an Internet connection at home. The goal is helping to ensure that federal infrastructure funds coming to Oregon will reach the communities that need better Internet services.

FASTER INTERNET OREGON Internet speed and location data from Oregon residents will help decision-makers to:

  • Identify Oregon homes without high-speed Internet connectivity including no connectivity at all (and understand why not)
  • Gain a clearer view of the communities that don’t have adequate access for education, telehealth, and other services
  • Determine estimated costs and possible technical solutions for addressing those gaps

Please take the test and help us map the areas of greatest need for improved home Internet connectivity — ideally high-speed broadband — in Oregon! Take the speed test at FasterInternetOregon.org. It takes less than 1 minute and is safe!

Note: Privacy is a top priority: We don’t ask for name or contact information. Location information is requested for accurate mapping only and not used for marketing or commercial purposes nor shared publicly.


Help us get the word out! Share the FASTER INTERNET OREGON speed test link with friends, family, and work colleagues in person or online. The more people that take this safe speed test, the more data that will available to decision makers to ensure that broadband infrastructure funding is directed to the Oregon communities that need it most.

We invite you to reach out if you have questions: info@FasterInternetOregon.org.

Link Oregon is a proud supporting partner of the FASTER INTERNET OREGON campaign along with Onward Eugene, SpeedUpAmerica, and the Oregon Economic Development Districts.